Find The Perfect Anniversary Flowers In Horbury

by Helen Marie Fish on April 01, 2024

Despite the deluge of rain this spring, we’re surrounded by gorgeous flowers outdoors. Not surprisingly, we also feel like bringing them indoors!

Whether you have an anniversary or special birthday coming up, many popular flowers are in season in April. This makes it easier than ever for florists like Amaryllis Floral Design to provide fresh blooms, carefully arranged and bursting with scent and colour.


Nothing brightens up a space more than a vase of colourful, scented blooms. 

No matter if you love hyacinths, daffodils or snowdrops, Amaryllis Floral Design loves helping you use the language of flowers to express yourself. 

Whether you have an idea for a bouquet or are looking for a ready-made design, we regularly deliver in and around Horbury. Top rated by our previous customers, we’re also a popular choice for weddings in the local area. 

We make it easy to order online, or you’re always welcome to visit our plant room in Ossett, West Yorkshire. Our team provides individually prepared bouquets in a range of styles. That includes hand-tied arrangements, ‘hat boxes’ and bouquets in water. 

What are the most popular flowers at this time of year?

Some of the most well-loved flowers in April include tulips, which are at their peak season. One of the biggest advantages of these flowers is they come in so many colours and varieties. This makes them a top choice spring bouquets.

That’s also true of Iris flowers, which bloom in a range of colours. These are known for their distinctive, elegant appearance, making them a popular choice for adding a touch of sophistication to bouquets.

Then there’s those yellow trumpeted blooms we see everywhere in Britain. Perhaps no other flower is more associated with April than daffodils. Elsewhere, Narcissus flowers are popular. Varieties like paperwhites and jonquils are closely related to daffodils and are also popular choices for springtime arrangements.

Hyacinths also decorate peoples homes in this season, with many of us associating their scent with spring. Known for their fragrant clusters of flowers, hyacinths are commonly seen in spring bouquets and arrangements, adding both colour and scent.

Ranunculus flowers are prized for their delicate, layered petals and come in a variety of colours, making them a versatile option for spring arrangements.

Freesias are known for their sweet fragrance and come in a range of colours, including white, yellow, pink, and purple, making them a popular choice for spring weddings and events.

These are just a few examples of the many flowers that are popular in UK florists during April. The availability of specific flowers may vary depending on factors such as region and weather conditions.

When it comes to anniversaries and weddings, we provide a wide range of flowers to our valued customers in Horbury. 


Timeless choices that are commonly associated with anniversaries include roses. Perhaps the most classic ‘flower of love’, roses come in many varieties, making them ideal for milestone anniversaries like the 10th, 25th, or 50th.

As mentioned, tulips come in various colours, so are great for anniversaries. Red tulips symbolise love and passion, while white tulips represent forgiveness and worthiness. They can be a lovely choice to express your feelings on an anniversary.

Carnations are also available in a variety of colours, each carrying its own significance. Pink carnations symbolise gratitude and admiration, while white carnations represent pure love and good luck, making them fitting for anniversary celebrations.

Lilies are also a popular choice since they represent purity and devotion. Although these flowers are sometimes associated with loss, they’re also ideal for romantic occasions. Many people have lilies as their favourite flowers.

Lilies are known for being elegant and striking, with large, showy blooms. They often come with intricate patterns and delicate petals. Their beauty captivates many and makes them popular choices for floral arrangements, gardens, and bouquets.

Want flowers that feel luxurious and beautiful?

Orchids are elegant and often given to express admiration and affection on anniversaries. They  have been symbols of love, luxury, beauty and refinement in many cultures throughout history. 

Many orchid species have long-lasting flowers, providing weeks or even months of beauty with proper care. This longevity adds to their appeal as ornamental plants for homes and gardens.

If you want to give someone a foretaste of summer, daisies are ideal. They’re not only cheerful but symbolise innocence and purity, making them a sweet choice for commemorating years of marriage. That also makes them ideal for baby showers in and around Horbury. 

Ultimately, the choice of flowers depends on personal preference and the message you want to convey to your partner on your anniversary. 

If you’re looking to order flowers in Horbury, check out our latest arrangements. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team in Ossett today.