Need Stunning Flower Arrangements for a Funeral in Wakefield?

by Helen Marie Fish on May 30, 2024

Whether you’ve lost a grandparent, parent or close friend, funerals are never easy. Flowers are one of the most moving and personal ways to say goodbye. They are also a powerful way to commemorate someone’s life.

Flowers have always played a significant role in funerals, for a number of reasons. 

One of these is they’re one of the most poignant symbols of the evanescence of life. Flowers are like each of our lives: they bloom beautifully, then slowly wither away. Their fragile beauty reminds us of the temporality of life, but also our capacity for renewal. 

They also represent the continuation of life, providing a sense of hope and comfort to the bereaved.

Amaryllis Floral Design can help you express your emotions through the language of flowers. 


No matter your connection with the departed, our florists in West Yorkshire make it easier to provide blooms which reflect your feelings. We can also provide flower arrangements in a number of styles, including:

  • Personalised tribute letters
  • Floral cross wreaths
  • A deep red and white closed heart. This design is ideal for partners saying goodbye to their loved-one. 
  • Floral arrangements in unique and wonderful designs. These include designs like playing cards, old miners’ lamps, race horses,  My Little Pony, and football emblems. We want to ensure that your floral tribute reflects your loved-one’s personality and passions in life. 

Perhaps you wish to convey sympathy and love for the grieving family. Flowers are one of the best ways to do this when words seem insufficient. 

Or maybe you were close to the departed and are seeking blooms that bring your comfort and solace. The presence of flowers can offer a sense of peace and comfort to those mourning a loss, serving as a gentle and beautiful reminder of the support from loved ones.


We provide flowers for funerals for families from a range of cultures and religious backgrounds. 

For example, lilies are often associated with funerals in Christian traditions, symbolising the soul of the deceased returning to a peaceful state of innocence.

Exploring the symbolic meanings of different flowers. 

Flowers play an important role in honouring the deceased. Many like to pick those which reflect the personality, preferences, and life of the departed, serving as a personal tribute. Families may choose flowers that were favourites of the deceased or that hold special significance.

Others like to have seasonal flowers as a way to say goodbye to their loved-one.

Did you know that chrysanthemums often symbolises death and mourning in several European and Asian cultures? Meanwhile, roses can represent love and respect. Here are a few of the most popular flowers for funerals in Britain:

  • Lilies: Often associated with the restored innocence of the soul of the deceased, lilies are a classic funeral flower choice.
  • Roses: The meaning of roses varies according to their colour.  White roses represent reverence, humility, and innocence, while red roses convey love and respect. 
  • Carnations: These flowers are durable and come in various colours, each with its own meaning. White carnations symbolise pure love and innocence, red carnations express admiration, and pink carnations are often given to remember the deceased.
  • Chrysanthemums: In many European countries, including the UK, chrysanthemums are seen as a symbol of death and are commonly used in funeral arrangements.
  • Orchids, particularly white and pink ones, are often used in funeral arrangements to symbolise eternal love and sympathy.
  • Gladioli: These flowers represent strength of character, sincerity, and moral integrity, making them a popular choice for funeral services.
  • Daffodils and Tulips: Bright and uplifting, these flowers are often used to symbolise renewal and the coming of spring, offering hope and encouragement to the bereaved.
  • Hydrangeas: Symbolising heartfelt emotions, hydrangeas are sometimes included in funeral arrangements to convey deep feelings of sympathy and sorrow.

Based in Ossett, Amaryllis Floral Design can help you select flowers not only for their beauty but for the comfort and messages they bring to those mourning the loss of a loved one.

Create a peaceful atmosphere at your venue in Wakefield. 

It goes without saying that funerals can be deeply stressful and overwhelming. 

Flowers help to create a more soothing atmosphere, making the funeral setting more serene and comforting. They can also provide an attractive focal point in a room. Many people use them as the central element in the décor of a funeral, which helps to focus the attendees' thoughts and emotions.

Celebrate someone’s memory and legacy.

Flowers are just one of the ways to honour and celebrate the life of the deceased. They can make the celebration of their life more memorable for everyone who attends the funeral. 

Amaryllis Floral Design believes flowers at funerals can convey the most profound emotional messages. They can also provide comfort, honour traditions, and create a peaceful, reflective environment for remembering and celebrating the life of the departed.

Find out more about our funeral flowers in West Yorkshire. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team today.