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The Plant Room

Welcome to the Plant Room..
Our aim is to be recognised as the only destination within the Ossett area where you can call in and see so many different plant available in a variety of pots and stands ready to go, at prices equal to, or better than you'll find online!
Creating a calm and stress free environment with a great choice of plants, first class service backed by a knowledgeable team. Whether its just advice about care, to find a new plant for your own pot, or a new pot for your own plant. We hope to make your visit, pleasant, easy and somewhere you want to come back to!
The initial goal was to design a beautiful modern environment, allowing customers the time to walk around at their leisure. Giving you the chance to view and choose well cared for plants at great prices, with or without the option of buying the pot we show them in. You have the option to mixed and match plants and pots as much as you like until you find the perfect plant and pot to suit your home.
We'll offer you knowledgeable advice on which are the right plants for the right room, to help you care your new family member...
Please feel free to call for a look anytime!